Do you attract mosquitoes effortlessly? Or are you one of those gifted people who is born with natural mosquito repellent superpowers?

It is observed that there really exist two extremes – but if you belong to the unlucky 20 per cent of the population that is always on the receiving end of the bite more than everyone else, you possibly are already aware of it.

So, other than forgetting to apply insect repellent, what is it that makes some people more attractive to mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes have excellent smelling capability, and apparently, they have a soft corner for carbon dioxide. People who exhale more CO2 than others end up being the target. So that concludes that people who are large and people with high metabolism – or people who work out – are generally the targets.

And if pregnancy was not the only concern in your mind, being pregnant double the chances of you being the chosen one for the mosquito. Apart from CO2, pregnant women also give out more heat – another thing mosquito’s love. When you perspire, they can smell the lactic acids that is present on your skin and hair, which automatically draws them towards you.

Unfortunately, research has proved that the age old Vitamin B remedy has lot of flaws, so if you’re a mosquito whisperer, grab the mosquito repellent and insecticide to keep these hopeless romantics at bay.

BONUS FACT: Mosquitoes don’t bite us when they get hungry – they primarily survive on plant nectar.  Rather, they are in search of a protein that’s required to develop their eggs  – that’s why it is only the female mosquitoes that bite.