How to get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are considered as major disease carriers transmitting malaria, dengue, and other potentially dangerous diseases. They are also pests disturbing your sleep, causing painful bites, and even getting in the way of outdoor activities. There are different ways to get rid of these tiny yet dangerous little pests. Homeowners tend to rely on repellents such as vapourizer, spray etc. Using Mosquito trap is yet another way of reducing the number of mosquitoes. The below post will talk about the effectiveness of both mosquito repellents as well as traps. Read on!

Mosquito repellents

Mosquito repellents are available in two categories. One is electrical and another is non-electrical. Products like Vapourizers are electrical repellents. It is to be fitted in a machine. Electrical mosquito repellent is the most effective solution for homeowners trying to get rid of mosquitoes out of their home or simply trying to get a sound sleep at night. To ensure faster knockdown of mosquitoes, it is important to select the right electrical repellent. One such effective repellent is Mortein’s insta5 vaporizer along with Insta 5 machine. Once you plug in Insta 5 repellent, it starts acting in 5 minutes under test conditions.

Apart from vapourizer, there is also a Spray that comes under the category of non-electrical repellent. The effectiveness of mosquito killer spray is such that it can kill dengue, malaria-causing mosquitoes in minutes of time. Both, electrical and non-electrical repellents are necessary when it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes as well as to stop them from breeding in your home.

Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps are designed in such a way that it kills mosquitoes by attracting them. Mosquitoes are attracted to heat, carbon dioxide and certain body odour. Mosquito traps convert propane into CO2 and combine it with attractants such as heat and moisture. Once mosquitoes approach the trap, they are hastened away by a vacuum into a net. They die of dehydration within 24 hours.

Mosquito traps are beneficial if you have a garden and do not want insecticides to kill honey bees or other insects. Moreover, it offers a long-term solution by killing female mosquitoes (only female mosquitoes bite). Also, it is safer for children as there are no insecticides used.

The bottom line

The above blog explains how mosquito repellents and traps are both effective under different circumstances. Furthermore, it is also important to be careful of any mosquito breeding grounds in your home.