About Cockroaches

A cockroach is an insect belonging to the family Blattodea. Among the 3,500+ identified species of cockroaches, only a handful are of any significance to human beings.




a. Periplaneta americana a.k.a. American cockroach: is found across the world. The American cockroach has a shiny reddish to chocolate brown colour and measures 35–40mm in length.

b. Periplaneta australasiae a.k.a. Australian cockroach: It is found primarily in tropical and subtropical regions. Though similar to the American cockroach, it is darker and smaller (31–37mm) than the former. It also has a light yellow stripe on each forewing.

c. Blatta orientalis a.k.a. Oriental cockroach: This species occurs mostly in cool clement areas. Its colour is somewhat blackish and it measures 20–27mm in length.

d. Supella longipalpa a.k.a. brown-banded cockroach: This type of cockroach is also found around the world. It has yellow and brown bands and measures in 10–14mm in length.

e. Blattella germanica a.k.a. German cockroach: Also found in almost all parts of the world, it is 10–15mm -- making it one of the smallest domiciliary cockroaches. Its colour is light yellowish brown.


Irrelevant of which of the aforementioned species they may belong to, cockroaches are undeniably among the most prevalent pests in most places of residence. They are deemed a nuisance because of several reasons including their foul characteristics, unpleasant odour, and most importantly -- their ability to spread diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Considering the fact that they scavenge drains, sewers, food storage places, kitchens, and rubbish bins makes them even more dangerous to the well-being of humans. They spout chunks of their semi-digested food and leave faeces around the place of inhabitation. Cockroaches also release a secretion that leaves a strong, nauseating smell in the areas or food they have gotten around. And other than being carriers of filth and disease, cockroaches also damage fabrics, book-bindings, and food.


Though these types of cockroaches (pests) are tropical in origin, they are also found in temperate zones inhabiting parts of houses and/or buildings with sufficient food, warmth, and moisture. They mostly live in groups and operate usually at night. During the day, cockroaches conceal themselves in cracks and gaps in door frames, furniture, walls. But the aforementioned are not their only hiding spots -- they are just as easily found hiding in safe spots in bathrooms, cupboards, basements, televisions, radios and other electric devices, drains and sewers. In fact, you may notice that if you turn on the lights in an infested bathroom or kitchen, cockroaches run from dishes, utensils, working surfaces and the floor in the direction of a more secure place.


The most effective method to control a cockroach infestation is cleanliness. However, that can be understandably difficult to ensure in houses with children and pets. And this is where a cockroach killer spray such as the Mortein Cockroach Killer or Mortein Powergard can come in handy. Nevertheless, infestation can also occur from rations and supplies or baggage carried from areas already infested with cockroaches. With that being said, if it isn't a full-blown infestation, you can use traps. Additionally, you can also use cockroach killer chemicals as a control measure.