What to do with pest control sprays

At last! You accomplished a task that has been bugging you for days – you managed to get rid of your pest problem using Mortein pest control sprays.

But, what now? With your home free of pests, you may be wondering if there are steps you need to take to ensure your home is clean and safe. After using pest control sprays, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, wash the clothes you were wearing, and clean any equipment you may have used. You may also want to vacuum or sweep the floor to get rid of any pests that have fallen at your feet.

If you have any leftover product, make sure to store them safely according to instructions. Store them out of reach of children and in a cool place protected from direct sunlight or heat. Keep the products – particularly insect killer sprays – away from sources of ignition.

Are Mortein plug-ins safe to use every day?

Our resident pest control expert says ‘yes’ – Mortein plug-ins are safe to use every day, but you will need to keep a few things in mind.

First, some background. When you plug in electrical devices like the Mortein Insta Vapourizer mosquito killing machine, it starts heating up and releasing a fine vapour. The actual quantity of active ingredient is more than enough to get rid of those mosquitoes – but is not harmful to humans. The real reason the vapour needs to be uninterrupted is that any deviation causes it to spread around and disperse.

You can also safely use the machine if you have pets in your house – including birds, dogs and cats, although fish are particularly sensitive to insecticides. Please follow the instructions on the label to ensure safety for all your pets.

How to use Mortein spray safely

As with all insecticides and insect repellents, it is imperative that you read all the instructions on the packaging and follow the recommendations closely. For example, each room should only have one machine. The machines are formulated to release exactly the right dosage of active ingredients to kill mosquitoes without causing harm to humans or pets.

As the machine has an internal heater that triggers the vapour, they also tend to get hot. So, it is important to keep the device away from children and animals – and away from anything that is flammable, such as blankets or curtains.

By taking all these precautions, all you need to do is simply plug in the device enjoy instant mosquito protection!

What to spray for mosquito control

As vectors of deadly diseases such as dengue fever, Zika and malaria, mosquitoes can be dangerous flying around your home. Fortunately, Mortein have several mosquito control products to spray at those tiny pests. Choose either our mosquito killer sprays – that are also effective against cockroaches – or our plug-in vaporisers (we also have refills with added tulsi for a fragrant touch to your pest control). Whatever you choose, rest assured that both products are easy to use, and extremely effective – beginning to work quickly to kill mosquitoes and eliminate them from your home.