Are Mosquito bite dangerous?

Mosquitoes are responsible for life threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fewer, chikungunya, etc. Annually millions of people fall prey to mosquito spread viruses. People around the world are diagnosed for mosquito borne diseases and look for prevention measures. Here is a list of answers to most common questions regarding mosquitoes. This will help you deal with mosquitoes more efficiently.

  • Q) Are mosquito bites dangerous?

A) Potentially, yes. Mosquitoes carry countless viruses causing deadly diseases. If you are bit by an infected mosquito, it will deposit those diseases directly into your bloodstream, where they keep reproducing and make you sick.

  • Q) Why do mosquitoes bite?

A) Only female mosquitoes bite other living beings because they require blood, which provides protein for egg development. In their life span, females produce almost one to three batches of eggs. They go in search of blood once they are ready to produce eggs.

  • Q) How high do mosquitoes fly?

A) Mosquitoes known for biting humans normally fly at heights lesser than 25 feet. You are less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes if you are at a greater distance from the ground. However, there are some species of mosquitoes that fly as high as birds but there are lesser or no cases of these mosquitoes biting.

  • Q) Do mosquitoes bite cats and dogs?

A) Yes, mosquitoes draw blood from almost all the mammals which definitely involves your pets and livestock. Some mosquito species also attack other insects. When it comes to your pets like cats and dogs, mosquitoes do transmit heartworm in your pets.

  • Q) Are mosquitoes attracted towards water?

A) Yes. Mosquitoes prefer living in water and rely on it to inhale a fresh amount of oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. Female mosquito’s favourite breeding grounds are water bodies where they can shelter their larvae. Mosquitoes are attracted to humidity because when humans breathe, you exhale water vapour.

  • Q) What is the best way to treat a mosquito bite?

A) There are two major remedies for treating mosquito bites i.e. home remedies and over-the-counter remedies. Any ointment that consists of antihistamine can be useful in case of extreme bites. If you want to treat it naturally, there are a few ingredients like Aloe Vera, basil, eucalyptus and essential oils such as lavender oil and other ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Honey can also be used as it has good antiseptic property that relieves the swelling caused by mosquito bite. Apple cider vinegar restores the pH balance in your skin and it can help you soothe the itching. However, if you can always consult a medical expert if you suffer any allergic reactions or severe bites.

  • Q) What are the best measures to repel mosquitoes?

A) Apart from keeping your surroundings clean and assuring there is no accumulated water in your vicinity, you can use mosquito repellent sprays, coils and vaporisers. Choose from wide range of products by Mortein and get instant protection from mosquitoes. The choice of repellent defers from person to person depending upon living conditions and type of mosquitoes they are exposed to.