Mosquitoes usually disappear with decreasing temperatures, but they have several strategies to survive the cold. Mosquitoes are cold-blooded and they generally do not bite in temperatures below 10 degrees. Not all mosquitoes just die off with the onset of winter. However, their survival differs from species to species. Adult mosquitoes usually turn inactive with the onset of winter and enter hibernation state before the first frost. Many mosquitoes die during the fall but have winter-hardy eggs, which actually hibernate as embryos.

A mosquito that stays alive during the freezing temperatures hibernates in sheltered areas such as sheds or untouched items like wastage boxes, vases, tyres, etc. When temperatures increases, the female mosquito emerges out to suck blood, which aids the development of her eggs. Once it gathers enough food in form of blood, it will lay eggs in any form of standing water.

With the rising unpredictability of weather and temperatures, it is crucial to remain cautious from mosquito borne diseases even during the winters. To stay safe from mosquitoes, one needs to follow all precautious measures to keep them away in the first place. Here are few steps you can follow to stay safe and prevent mosquito bites.

  • Check your surroundings and remove all water-holding items because they are the most sorted breeding place for mosquitoes. It could contain mosquito eggs that are deposited during summer or months when the temperature is comparatively warm.
  • One should ensure cleanliness of the sewage/gutters, etc. and repair all sorts of leakages in pipes, taps or faucets in the house, office and nearby vicinity. Also, make sure that all the trashcans remain sealed and the lids are not flipped upside down.
  • Use good quality mosquito repellent products to protect yourself as well as your family. Mortein provides you a wide range of products comprising of Vaporisers, Sprays , Instacards and Mosquito Coils. All Mortein anti-mosquito products are specially created to provide all round protection from any kind of mosquitoes. Ensure that you use all the products only after reading the instructions on the label thoroughly.