If only all spiders were like Incy Wincy – happy to live outside. Unfortunately it is not the case, especially when it rains, just like us, even they look out for shelter. Ensure that you have set up as many protective measures as possible, or you might end up having to share your house with more than just your loved ones!

Frequent cleaning is the effective method to control spider domination. So, bring out that long-handled duster and remove all existing webs and spiders from around your house to stop them from multiplying. Remember to dust out books, bedding, clothing and shoes – especially gumboots – before you wear them, or you may end up stamping on something that you weren’t expecting.

Good job with the spring cleaning. Now ensure that all the doors and windows screens are tight-fitted and sealed – or simply spray – air vents, plumbing and other openings that gives access to the building. When you’re playing in the garden, it is necessary for you to teach your children early on to not poke beneath rocks or below the house.

Outside places that require special spider-proofing attention include garages, porches and storage shelves. Spiders are very regular in crawl spaces, basements and unexcavated locations under the house, so lay out the bait for spiders regularly and inspect the underside of pool filter boxes regularly.

Remember: if you encounter a spider, always proceed with caution.