How to Protect Your Surroundings from Mosquito Menace

Protect from Vactor Borne Diseases

The monsoon season is all set all over India. The rains are beautiful, soothing and blissful but it brings along diseases and infections. With monsoon comes stagnant water, muddy puddles and the most dangerous of all mosquitoes. One major cause of most number of deaths in any year is through mosquito borne diseases.

Right from dengue to malaria and chikungunya to yellow fever, mosquito is most dangerous insect when it comes to spreading diseases among all classes of people. This is the most favourite season for mosquitoes to breed and expand given to the favourable weather conditions i.e. moist and humid. Moist air is responsible for air borne diseases. This is the time to remain cautious and protect your surroundings from mosquito menace.

The most basic step towards mosquito prevention is to prioritise cleanliness. This may be obvious but cleanliness is probably the most important thing that will save you and your family from infections and diseases spread during monsoon. In buildings that have a garden or is surrounded by gardens, the residents should ensure that there bottles, cans, coconut shells, old tyres or anything that can store water. If there is a swimming pool at your home or society, ensure that it is cleaned periodically. Also, implement fogging as a frequent practice to eliminate mosquitoes from spreading and breeding in your vicinity. A clean home, clean water and clean floors can all go a long way in promoting your family’s health and keeping you safe against mosquito borne diseases.

To safeguard yourselves at home, make sure that you use repellents like Mortein Insta5 Vaporiser. It will assure all round and continuous protection of your house. For instant effect, you can use Mortein All Insect Killer especially during the active hours. Adults and children over two months of two months should use repellent cream with 25% to 30% DEET. Avoid applying repellents containing DEET on new-borns children under two months of age. You can also use Picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil in order to repel mosquitoes.

The government of India has introduced numerous awareness programmes to educate people on how mosquitoes are dangerous to us and why should you be cautious. However, it is up us to do our bit regardless of the weather or season. Taking extra precaution to clean out damp, dark and humid areas in your surroundings will help keep the mosquitoes away. Aedes aegypti mosquito is highly active during the day so it is advisable to wear fuller clothes covering the entire body. For complete protection against mosquitoes, the most effective way is to use mosquito repellents in the form of sprays, vaporisers or coils. Mortein has a wide range of products and complete solution to deal with mosquito menace in your surroundings.