stop Spide coming to home

Spiders are anything but easy on the eyes. Irrespective of the size, house or garden variety, the presence of an eight-legged creature can cause anything from small concern to all-out panic.

While most of the house spiders cause no harm to humans, they play a key role in trapping flies, flying insects and mosquitoes. However, it is highly advised that you take necessary precaution and keep your home free from spiders.

You may (or may not) be excited knowing that by simply cleaning regularly, you can effectively keep spiders out of your house. Get rid of all existing webs and spiders from inside and around your house, and ensure that doors and window screens are shut tight so that they can’t sneak inside. Sorting out your backyard and trimming overgrown gardens would leave spiders with less space to hide.

Spiders love dark, quiet places, so keeping your house clean and litter-free is imperative. Outside areas that need your immediate attention would be porches, sheds and garages as they are highly favored by spiders, so ensure that they are cleaned regularly. Spiders also find solace in piles of wood, so refrain from storing timber close to your house.

Frequently spraying these spider hot-spots can help in keeping these spiders at bay. Good-quality surface sprays like Mortein All Insect Repellant will kill on contact and control webs inside your house.  Spray to stop spiders from crawling inside.

Handy hints:

  • Dust out shoes, laundry and clothing before handling
  • Always inspect the inside of the shoes that has been kept outside before trying them on
  • Be careful when you are working in the garden and educate children not to poke around among rocks or below the house
  • Never hit a venomous spider. Doing that would lead to you simply knocking it on the floor, where it would be able to escape quickly. There are high chances of it falling onto your hand or other parts of your body.