Easy Ways to Protect New-borns from Mosquito Bites

Protect Your Newborn Baby from Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are small but dangerous flies that bring along all sorts of illnesses. Dengue, chikungunya and malaria are some of the more common mosquito-borne illnesses in India. These illnesses have no specific remedy or cure but fortunately, they are preventable. Mosquitoes easily affect newborn babies and the impact of mosquito bite is comparatively dangerous among toddlers owing to their low immunity. Here we present some tips to protect your baby as well as your family members against mosquitoes.

  • Use Mosquito Nets and Screens

Mosquito Nets are very effective when it comes to protection against mosquitoes. All you have to do is to ensure that the nets are securely attached. If you baby sleeps with you on your bed, you can use a bigger net covering the entire bed. If your baby sleeps in a cot, use a cot net. However, the cot nets may turn ineffective if you take your baby out of the cot for feeding or for changing nappy several times. You can also install wire mesh and screens on doors and windows in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. Using mosquito screens You can prevent mosquitoes, bugs and insects from entering your home without compromising the benefits of fresh natural air flowing in and out throughout.

  • Protective Dressing

One of the most effective and basic way of protecting your baby is to minimise the skin exposure. Always choose light knits or cotton garments that allow airflow while covering your child's body completely. Choose loose-fitting clothes because mosquitoes can potentially bite through tight clothes. The best bet for younger babies could be onesies or body suits that covers maximum body parts. In case you are dressing your baby in a two-piece set, ensure that their tummy is well covered with an inner vest. Apart from the type, colours you choose also play a part in protecting new-born babies from mosquitoes. Light-colours are less attractive to mosquitoes so pick their outfit wisely.

  • Choose the Correct Repellent

Chemical repellents are considered to be the most effective mosquito repellents. Most of them including Mortein Insta All Insect Killer are effective for about two to five hours after application. However, direct exposure to repellents can cause irritation and breathlessness among babies under two months of age. Therefore, if you are using a repellent, make sure you don’t use it in baby’s presence. Experts recommend that parents should choose repellents with the lowest concentration of chemical if there are young kids in the house. You can also turn to Mortein Insta Vaporiser for continuous protection in the house.

If you wish to apply a mosquito repellent cream on your baby’s skin then make sure that the repellent you use a product with less than 30% DEET concentration.

It is reported that mosquitoes infect millions of people with deadly viruses that result in thousands of deaths every year. It is also observed that toddlers and young kids are their easy targets and hence, parents and family members need to be on their toes to protect babies in the house. For protection against mosquitoes, you can also use natural remedies and repellents like eucalyptus and neem.