Safety Measures to Protect Kids from Mosquito Bites

How to Protect Baby from Mosquito Bites

With increasing incidents of mosquito borne diseases, here are some essential tips to safeguard young kids from contracting deadly viruses.


Mosquito bite is a serious threat for people across all age groups be it infants or the elderly. Most people usually ignore mosquito bites to be insignificant and harmless. Mosquito bites are itchy and irritating for children but that isn’t the main problem. Different mosquitoes are responsible for spreading different viruses some of which can turn out to be fatal. By focusing on following tips, you can protect your kids from mosquito bites.

  • Use protective Clothes

If you stay in an area with high mosquito penetration, make sure that you dress your baby in long-sleeved uppers and full lowers. Covered clothing can be helpful in preventing bites. When you dress them in fuller outfits, assure that they are moderately loose and light in colour. Avoid brighter colours and floral prints as they can attract mosquitoes.


  • Plugin Liquid Repellents

In order to ensure continuous protection of your home, it is important to understand the significance of vaporisers. When plugged in, they provide continuous protection keeping mosquitoes at bay. Keep Mortein Insta Vaporiser active in your baby’s room it starts protection in 5 minutes and comes in two different modes i.e. normal mode and insta mode so you can switch according to the number of mosquitoes around.


  • Emphasise on Using Mosquito Nets

If your area appears to be inhabited by mosquitoes, using mosquito nets while sleeping is one important thing to consider. Using a mosquito net on your baby’s bed during naptime will stop mosquitoes from buzzing around your kid. If you plan to take a walk around your area with your young one then make sure that you put a fine mosquito netting over their stroller as it will provide extra protection against mosquitoes.  


  • Look After Outdoor Home Maintenance

While you take all required precautions, don’t miss out your own home garden and backyard. Make sure that your lawns are mow your regularly and all unnecessary tall grass and weeds removed from your garden and yard. Ensure regular cleaning of your gutters and remove all accumulated debris from the vicinity. Remove all the standing water and its hosts form your house.

Mosquitoes are probably most underrated bugs that can cause life threatening illnesses. It is crucial to ensure your and your family’s safety. Young kids are most vulnerable and hence it is your responsibility to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and outside your house. Strictly follow the tips mentioned above to keep your kids safe and unaffected from mosquito borne diseases and create a healthy environment.