Mortein Flying Insect Killer 250 ml

Mortein Flying Insect Killer Spray is specially formulated to kill dengue and malaria causing mosquitoes. This spray has a unique formulation to keep dangerous mosquitos and flies away.

• Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and flies with Mortein Flying Insect Killer.
• Protect your loved ones from Dengue and Malaria with this effective mosquito killer spray.
• Reach every nook and cranny with ease - spray under beds, sofas, curtains, and cupboards.
• Enjoy a fresh natural fragrance after each use.
• Available in convenient pack sizes of 250ml, 425ml, and 600ml.
• Don't let flies and bugs ruin your day - this spray is effective against them too!
• Say goodbye to harsh chemicals - this mosquito repellent is safe for use across your home.
• A trusted brand with a 100% kill guarantee.
• Say goodbye to harsh chemicals - this mosquito repellent is safe for use across your home.
• Keep your home mosquito-free with regular use of this effective spray.
• Hit mosquitoes where it hurts with Mortein's powerful insect killing formula.


Looking for an effective insect killer spray that can eliminate mosquitoes and other pesky insects in your home? Look no further than Mortein Flying Insect Killer Spray! This powerful aerosol spray is formulated to provide a 100% kill guarantee, ensuring that all targeted insects are eliminated quickly and effectively. The spray effectively gets rid of dengue and malaria causing mosquitoes away. Plus, its refreshing fragrance helps keep your home smelling fresh and clean. So why wait? Invest in Mortein Flying Insect Killer Spray today and enjoy a mosquito-free home environment!

• 100% Kill
• Kills Dengue and Malaria Causing Mosquitoes
• Instant Kill


D-trans Allethrin 0.25%
Aerosol (Household Insecticide)
d-trans allethrin (Based on 93% purity) a.i.:0.25% w/w
Synergist (PBO): 0.50% w/w
Perfume: 0.20% w/w
Deodorised Kerosene: 39.05% w/w,
Propellent Gas (LPG): 60.00% w/w
Total: 100% w/w.


- Shake well before use.
- For indoor use only.
- Ensure all sources of ignition are extinguished.
- Spray infected areas or insect hiding places.


Antidote: Treat Symptomatically
Cautionary: Not to be used on any food crop to be given.

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