Mortein Power Gard 8hrs Coil 10 Coils

Mortein Power Gard Coil fights mosquitoes in large open spaces and protects you and your family from disease causing mosquitoes. It provides eight hours’ worth of uninterrupted protection against mosquitoes, even the hidden ones.

• Kills mosquitoes.
• Lasts 8 hours.
• Protects you and your family.


The Mortein PowerGard 8-hour mosquito repellent coil effectively keeps away mosquitoes, protecting you and your family from several mosquito-borne diseases. The unique composition of the coils works well to keep away dangerous insects from you and your loved ones. The coils provide 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes, even ones hiding in the corners. The special design of the coils ensures that they do not break while disassembling them.

• Starts Working Instantly and Reaches Nooks and Corners
• Effective against Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya Carrying Mosquitoes
• Knocks Down Even Hidden Mosquitoes


d-trans allethrin a.i.: 0.1% w/w
Other Ingredients:99.90% w/w


To bring about quick and proper results, ignite the mosquito coil and place in the centre of the room. To spread the smoke evenly, one can use a fan. The mosquito coil should be used in rooms where windows are kept open for proper ventillation.


Keep away from children, food, and feed stuff. Avoid oral contact.

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