How to kill rats and mice

Did you know that rats are actually shy? They are reclusive creatures and good at hiding, which is why you may not even know you have rodents in the house until they start to cause serious damage.

Rats and mice can cause major havoc in your home, and are also carriers of germs and diseases (not to mention bringing in other pests such as fleas and mites). If you are finding gnaw marks or rat droppingsor can smell rat urine, it might be time to learn how to eliminate rats from your home. Find out how to kill rats and mice below. 

How to find rats and mice 

There are several tell-tale signs of rodents in your home, from rat droppings to gnaw marks, and we cover this in detail in our article on the topic. It should be noted that rats are nocturnal and stealthy, so you may find them hard to spot, even with our tips helping you out.  

But, the sounds and smells of rodents are pretty unmistakeable, so if you have noticed a musty smell or are hearing their tiny feet pattering away on your ceiling, it might be time to start looking for their hiding place. 

Common spots to look out for are inside your roof or wall cavities, in your garage, shed or other outdoor structure, and in basements and storerooms. Rats and mice like secluded areas free from noise and vibration – and the darker and quieter, the better. This means you may also want to check in your kitchen cabinets and behind appliances, too.  

Hunt down these areas in your home and you should eventually come across their nest. 

How do you kill rats most effectively?

Once you have located the common hiding places where rats and mice frequent, it is time to lay your traps. Focusing on common areas of your home that rodents love, use a product like the Mortein PowerGard Ratkill to lure rats and mice out. It has a fast-acting formula that works to kill rats in one feed, while still ensuring that the rat has time to leave your home before the poison completes its job.  

To use, simply break the cake into pieces and place them in key rodent-friendly spots in your home. Of course, you will need to take care to keep them out of reach of pets and children, perhaps using them only at night when rodents are most active.  

What is better than finding the best way to destroy the rat or mouse population in your home? Making sure they do not venture into it in the first place. Which is why we have also covered a range of methods to help you to keep rats and mice away from your home. So, whether you are dealing with an infestation of rats or are looking to prevent one, we can provide the guidance you need to do so with the best results possible.