How to get rid of house flies

The constant buzzing of flies can be a big nuisance, and it can leave you wondering about the cleanliness of your home. Sometimes, even the most meticulous pest control measures fall short, with sneaky pests squeezing their way into your home. When it comes to flies, an even more frustrating issue is that they never seem to find their way back out again.  

Houseflies are dangerous, being carriers of diseases, eye infections and more. If you are seeing the pesky creatures around your home, you need to find ways to remove flies from your home before they advance into a full-blown infestation. Read on for our guidance on how to get rid of flies from your home. 

How to get rid of drain flies

In India, you are most likely to encounter houseflies, blowflies, fruit flies and drain flies, with the latter often found in the pipes and drains in your home. As you can imagine, these flies are attracted to moist environments, so may frequent your bathroom, toilets or even kitchens.  

While drain flies are harmless to humans, they can still be an unnerving sight in your home. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of drain flies from drainpipes and within your home:  

  • Target drain flies before they mature into buzzing insects by clearing out their eggs. If there are drain flies in your home, you will likely find their eggs on the slimy residue left on bathroom drains and under the rims of your toilet or shower head. Keep these areas clean and as dry as possible. 
  • You may also want to use insecticide around your drains and in your toilet bowl to discourage drain flies from going near them. A long-lasting insecticide can kill the flies while also serving as a barrier, so they are not tempted to come back to the area. 

How to control flies outside 

Part of getting rid of houseflies in the house is making sure none are around outside your home. You will need to control the fly population in the area outside your home to give yourself the best chance of combatting the creatures within your space. You might want to: 

  • Install fly screens on your doors and windows to prevent flies from getting inside. 
  • Keep food and waste bins tightly covered with a secure lid. 
  • Clean the toilet and its pipes regularly, and make sure septic tanks and drains are tightly closed and not damaged. If you have an outdoor toilet, you may want to install a secure lid to stop flies from venturing inside. 
  • Inspect your garden or the area around your home regularly for pet and other animal faeces. 
  • Check around your home for fly maggots, using an effective insecticide to kill them. If you do find any, chances are they have chosen that spot for a reason. Consider it a prime fly breeding spot – make sure you inspect the area regularly to check they have not returned. 

How to get rid of flies inside the home 

Once your outdoor fly situation is under control, you should hopefully have a fly-free home. But, if you are still dealing with fly pests, you may need a product like the Mortein 2-in-1 Insect Spray. It is designed to kill flying insects quickly with minimal effort. Simply shake the can and spray at the fly using the dual-purpose nozzle to either spray directly at them or give them a more generalised blast. Learn more about how to kill flies in our article on the subject.