Is Mortein harmful to humans?

It can be frustrating having to deal with a continual pest problem in your home. Before long, you will be searching for a way to get rid of the pests in as effective a way as possible. Mortein is one of the best methods to help get rid of pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and rodents from your home. Of course, you also need to be able to trust that the products you use will not have an adverse effect on yourself or the people living at home with you.

But, is Mortein harmful to humans? Fortunately, regular use of Mortein for pest control in the home will not be harmful as long as all instructions on the product packaging are followed. In general, this means using the product only for the specific purpose it is designed for – and only for the pests it is recommended to use against.

You will also need to be careful about how you dispose of and store the product, including keeping it away from children and pets. Also take care when using the product itself, pointing it away from sources of flame or ignition and avoiding intentional inhalation. Read our article on the safety of Mortein plug-ins for more information.

Is Mortein safe for pets?

It is important to read the directions and warning labels before using Mortein. While some Mortein products are safe to use without worrying about your pets, for others, it may be safer to keep your pets out of the room during treatment. For example, you can use the Mortein Insta Vapourizer safely around most pets, although you will need to keep pets away from the Mortein PowerGard Ratkill cakes in case they ingest them.

When used according to instructions, Mortein can provide a powerful solution to all your pest problems!