Roach buster

To stomp or not to stomp? – This is the most important question when it comes to dealing with these hideous little home intruders. Squashing a roaming cockroachobviously offers instant solution, but then we dump them in a dustbin and move on with our day, all the while ignoring the obvious warning – he isn’t alone. His friends are just better at playing Marco Polo!

Cockroach facts to make your skin crawl

Cockroaches are social beings. They reside together in the number of hundreds and thousands – inside walls, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and different places around the house where they tend to find a warm, tight space. Cockroaches are nocturnal vagabonds, which means they come out at night when everyone is asleep, roaming in the kitchen in hunt of open foods, crumbs, spills, water and rubbish – all the time carrying 33 different kind of stomach-churning bacteria that can contaminate our homes and food, eventually making us sick.

The wild roach party you never asked for

Cockroaches multiply at an astonishing rate – a single female cockroach has the ability to give birth to at least 400 baby cockroaches in her lifetime. So while squashing a cockroach every now and then would give you a victorious feeling, just remember that there are other thousand roaches having a party back at their nest, the babies are growing quicker and the numbers are multiplying by each passing moment.

So what’s the solution?

Think pragmatically and blow that hidden cockroach town to smithereens. For the safety, comfort and peace of mind of your loved ones it’s imperative to get rid of cockroach infestation problem at the first sight of a roaming roach and try and not restore to tackling one by one with a single squish. Because let’s face the truth – no one appreciates the idea of cockroaches occupying our space, leaving their germ-ridden droppings and vomit trails on our food and surfaces. As we are now aware, cockroaches stay in groups, so where there is one, there are generally many, many more – literally thousands!

Bring out the roach buster

A powerful technique to stop more cockroaches form entering your house is by using the effective Mortein All Insect Killer Aerosol that acts against cockroaches. This specially formulated spray when used around doorways, cracks, cervices, garbage bins and air vents acts as a strong barrier between cockroaches and your comfort zone.


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