Many times it is observed that majority of those who are down with dengue fever have mosquito breeding spots inside their own house.

Mosquitoes generally end up breeding in man-made containers which is kept for domestic water storage, for instance:

  • Earthenware jars
  • Metal drums
  • Concrete cisterns

Other areas where mosquitoes like to breed inside the house include discarded plastic food containers, used tires of car and bikes and other items that can accumulate rainwater.

There are certain eternal breeding places of mosquitoes that can be present close to your house – majorly at construction sites, river embankments and swimming pools.

Prevention tips for households

  • Get rid of water accumulated in plates kept under potted plants. Clean the plate meticulously to get rid of mosquito eggs. Refrain from using plates if possible
  • Loosen the soil in the pots so that stagnant water does not get accumulated on the surface of hardened soil
  • Avoid keeping tray or receptacles under or on top of air-conditioners
  • Replace water in the flower vases daily. Rinse and scrub the inside of the vases. Clean roots of flowers and plants as mosquito eggs tend to stick to them easily
  • Regularly check and get rid of stagnant water on your premises



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