Mortein 2in1 425ml

Product Features

  • 100% kill guarantee* on mosquitoes and cockroaches (*under lab test conditions)
  • India's first triple active formula
  • Dual purpose nozzle - spray directly on mosquitoes and extend nozzle for easy reach in hidden areas for cockroaches
  • Refreshing Lemon Fragrance
  • NA

Product Description

100 % Kill guarantee* on both mosquitoes and cockroaches

d-trans Allethrin a.i 0.10%(w/w), Permethrin a.i. 0.03%(w/w), Imiprothrin a.i. 0.02%(w/w) ,n-Paraffin solvent 19.52%(w/w), Butylated hydroxy toluene 0.01% (w/w) , Polyglycerol oleate ester 0.20%(w/w) , Perfume lemon 0.12%(w/w), Liquid petroleum gas(propellent) 80.00%(w/w)

1. Keep the can upright, fold the nozzle and spray directly on mosquitoes/cockroaches 2. Extend the nozzle to spray in hard to reach areas such as inside the sink drain

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Do not spray directly onto humans, pets, exposed food, water, food preparation areas or food utensils. Do not spray near eyes or towards the face. Do not smoke during use. Do not spray near naked flame, pilot lights, heat, electric meter boxes or any incandescent material. Surfaces may become slippery once sprayed. REMOVE OR COVER FISH TANKS BEFORE USE. DO NOT THROW PRODUCT INTO WATERWAYS. BEWARE: DELIBERATELY SNIFFING OR INHALING CONCENTRATED SPRAY CAN BE HARMFUL OR FATAL. SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale spray mist. If product comes in contact with eyes, wash out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. This product is toxic to aquatic organisms and honey bees. Avoid mixing of product formulation with running water at various levels. FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs contact a Doctor or Poisons Information Centre Please read enclosed leaflet before use.