How to kill rats


If you’ve been in that unfortunate state where you end up spotting something move swiftly out of the corner of your eye while chilling at home, or heard an unfamiliar scuttling when the lights are off, you’ll know the horror of having to share your house with a rat or mouse. Rodents are most likely to enter your house in search of a warm place to sleep, however with regular Mortein rodent control measures, one can send them running for their lives without the need of expensive pest controller.

First and foremost, keep all the food products covered so that the rodents are not attracted to it – that consists of fruit bowls and anything that is on top of the kitchen stove or bench. You should also ensure that the birdcages are meticulously clean. Mice can squeeze themselves through holes that is not wider than the diameter of a pencil, so instantly seal off any gaps you spot, irrespective how small they are, preferably with the help of a strong mesh from a hardware store, steel wool or expandable foam.

If you feel you have a rodent problem, droppings are a sure sign – they appear like little black pellets. Also, look out for gnawed food and food containers. Check and confirm if it was one of your kid that nibbled on the cake or was it a smaller suspect! Also, keep an ear open for strange noises at night, especially on the roof. Insulation on the ceiling is generally so thick that you might not be aware of the rats or mice that has moved on until the smell of their defecation starts spreading in your house.

Rats are nocturnal by nature, so if you encounter one during the day, it’s likely to be one of many. They also breed quickly and adapt instantaneously to changing environments, so the idea is to take action before they start spreading diseases and damage your house