How to Get Rid of Cockroach in Kitchen



Handling the cockroach situation – one of the most common unwelcome guests in your house – and preventing their comeback is easier than you comprehend. All it needs is a concoction of keeping your home clean and tidy (which makes it less attractive for cockroaches) and right products in your arsenal to handle those who show up inevitably.

Cockroaches thrive on a diet that consists of rotting garbage and food leftovers, so for long-lasting prevention, it’s imperative for you to clean any spills as soon as they occur, keep things uncluttered and stock your food products in an air-tight container.

As in case of all pest protection, ensure that you take out the rubbish frequently, and if you have compost bins, look out for all those unwelcome guests feasting on the garbage.

For people who own pets, it is necessary for you to keep their bowls clean every night as it would stop your pets from having to share their food with these crawling menaces. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on them every time they play with something suspicious on the kitchen floor.

The best method of solving a problem is by going straight to the source – in this case, the nest of the cockroaches. So, sport your investigative hat and follow the trail of that one cockroach you spot. They happen to assemble inside walls, skirting boards, cupboards and any moveable appliances.

Cardboard boxes can also be blamed for smuggling cockroaches inside your house, especially if their journey began from a garage or shed. Think of setting up bait as soon as you can if you fail to transfer all the contents into plastic boxes.



Cockroaches very often end up living in bathroom and kitchen drains, where they get supplied with good source of food and water. So, next time you find cockroaches in your drain, take necessary steps like sealing your drain pipes, fixing leaky faucets, sealing crevices and holes that surrounds your drain pipes.

Similarly to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen you should move or remove your garbage bins, cover drains with stopper at night, clean the kitchen drain along with keeping counters and appliances clean.


To give yourself the utmost protection, along with the above mentioned steps you can also use Mortein Cockroach spray. Consider it JOB WELL DONE!