If you’ve a roach problem at home, it is expected out of you to figure out the most suitable way to get rid of them. Stamping them and beating them with a rolled-up newspaper might give you temporary satisfaction, but they’re hardly a fool proof method to win the land war with cockroach.

The most efficient way to stop cockroaches is by never letting them get in, and if that method hits rock bottom, the best way to kill cockroaches varies depending on the type of cockroach, where you live and where is their hiding spot.

Pest control

Cockroach killing spray

If you have only a handful of cockroaches to get rid of, a spray can be the best way to get rid of them. However, using sprays is like getting half the job done. Firstly, one has to spot a cockroach in order to use the spray directly at it, and those sneaky pests can run extremely fast, not to mention hide better than ninjas. Moreover, if there is one cockroach, you can be sure that whole lot of them are hiding somewhere. Spray experimentation will get rid of some, but not the entire colony.

For all the above mentioned reasons, while DIY products that you receive over the counter may work with different degree of effectiveness, your best bet to permanently get rid of cockroaches will be to hire a professional pest controlwho is an expert in cockroach extermination. They will not only be able to suggest the most effective methods of getting rid of these ghastly pests, but also help you understand the reason behind these pests entering your house. The expense you would have to incur for the sake of cockroach extermination might pinch you a little, but it would be absolutely worth your every penny.