How to kill cockroaches

If you spot a cockroach in your home, your first instinct (after you have finished screaming) might be to stomp on them or hit them with the nearest object you can find.  

But, while this might solve your immediate problem – and give you a temporary feeling of triumphant satisfaction – this may not be the end of your roach issue. It is likely the roach is not alone – his friends may just be better at playing Marco Polo! 

In order to win the land war with cockroaches and reclaim your home from a roach infestation, you will need to learn where they like to hide in your home and how to kill cockroaches effectively. We cover the best ways to eradicate cockroaches from your home below. 

What kills cockroaches instantly?

No one wants a roach problem hanging over them (or, indeed, underfoot!). Not only are they terribly unpleasant to both see and smell, but they can also contaminate food and surfaces and transmit bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli as they scurry around.   

The most efficient way to stop cockroaches is by ensuring they do not gain entry into your home and to use an effective cockroach killer if they do manage to sneak in. The Mortein 2-in-1 Insect Spray is designed to do just that. It kills cockroaches instantlyas long as you follow the package instructions.  

The next time you see a roach dart across your floor, give the can a shake and direct the spray towards the pesky creature. The specially formulated spray can also be used around doorways, cracks, crevices, garbage bins and air vents to act as a strong barrier between cockroaches and your home. 

However, we should note that cockroaches are social beings. They reside together in their thousands – hiding inside walls, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and anywhere in the house where there is a warm, tight space. One roach in your home likely means there are many more hiding in the shadows, so finding ways to control the cockroach population is just as important as learning how to kill lone roaches in your home. 

How to kill cockroaches in the kitchen

Your kitchen is likely to be the prime target for a hungry roach family looking for scraps of food and spilt water. If you are worried about using harsh chemical pesticides in your kitchen, you may be tempted to look up cockroach killer home remedies. However, home remedies are rarely effective, usually providing a temporary measure, at best.  

specially designed pest control product will always provide more reliable results. Products like the Mortein NaturGard Cockroach Killer Spray could be perfect to use to kill cockroaches in the kitchen. It has more natural extracts than our other products, while still delivering powerful results and gets to work instantly to provide protection for you and your family. 

Close all windows and doors, shake the can well, and spray high into the air for 4-5 seconds (you could also spray it directly at sneaky roaches!). 

Whatever product you choose to use, learning how to kill cockroaches in the house effectively means you can solve your roach problem with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction.