Insta 5 Vapourizer Refill 35 ml

Mortein Insta 5 Vapourizer Refill 35 ml

35 ml Refill
Mortein Insta5 Vapourizer Refill's double active TFT Knoksdown mosquitoes 2X faster and is 2X more powerful**
It begins acting in 5 minutes*
For best results always use Insta5 Machine with a Insta5 refill
Refill fits all machines
Combipack (Machine + Refill) also available

* Starts protection from mosquitoes in 5 minutes under test conditions
** Under Test Conditions

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With double active TFT to knock down mosquitoes 2X faster
Mortein Insta 5 Vapourizer Refill 35 ml
Deals with:

What it does

It begins acting in 5 minutes and knocksdown mosquitoes 2X Faster


It has a double active TFT  . It also emits a pleasant fragrance along with the activ.

Where to use

In doors


Transfluthrin a.i. 1.6% (w/w), Butylated Hydroxytoluene 1.0% (w/w), Perfume 1.0% (w/w), Deodorised Kerosene 96.4% (w/w), Total: 100.0%

How to use

Remove the cap and insert the liquid vapouriser bottle into the specially designed electric heating machine. Plug in and switch on heater. For better results close the doors and windows for 30 minutes initially. Liquid Vapouriser bottle shall last for 45 nights in approved use of 8 hours per night.

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