Yellow Fever

How to cure yellow fever


Yellow fever is a viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes. The disease gets the name from one of the symptoms that occurs in serious cases where the skin becomes yellow in color, also called as jaundice. This disease attacks the liver, and it can lead to serious illness and even death.

Where does it occur?

The mosquito that is responsible for spreading yellow fever are majorly native to Africa, Central and South America. Around 2,00,000 cases of yellow fever are reported annually and out of these cases, at least 30,000 cases end up being fatal.

What are the symptoms of yellow fever?

Mild stage one symptoms start showing up after 6 days of infection:

  • Fever
  • Muscle ache
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches

Toxic stage two symptoms is displayed by 25% of victims and they include:

  • Visible bleeding
  • Jaundice of the eyes and skin
  • Liver and kidney failure
  • Death

Out of all the yellow fever victims who reach stage two, half of them will die within a span of 10-14 days.

What causes yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a virus spread between monkeys and humans by mosquito species namely – Aedes and Haemagogus in urban locations and tropical rainforests.

How do you prevent yellow fever

1. Get a yellow fever vaccination

The vaccination that is available for yellow fever is almost 100% effective. Before travelling to infected areas, get yourself vaccinated for yellow fever from your local doctor.

2. Use home insect repellents

Protect yourself from mosquitoes by using insect repellents

 3. Avoid mosquito bites

  • Put on insect repellent the entire day
  • Sport loose-fitted clothing which covers your entire skin
  • Wear socks
  • Refrain from applying aftershave or perfume

Travelling to yellow fever areas

Certain countries can restrict your entry if you have recently spent time overnight in a yellow fever declared country and cannot present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

How do you treat yellow fever?

There is no cure for yellow fever and the treatment offered is to alleviate the symptoms.



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